About us

West Coast Health is located at the home of the West Coast Eagles, Mineral Resources Park. All our physiotherapists have years of experience and we offer a very holistic treatment approach with focus on early return to function.

We have teamed up with ECU and the West Coast Eagles in offering the extra prevention and performance services that the players go through to the

We are also the home for WA’s most well known community sports association in Sports Medicine Australia (SMA). 

We are always happy to discuss cases on the phone and have the patient’s best interest in mind. 

Within our clinic we also have a full gym set up with
exercise classes, consulting nutritionist and orthopaedic surgeons and performance testing equipment including dexa scan, VO2 max testing and

We want to be a big part of the community and help everyone we can in 

  • Reducing pain
    Understand your injury 
    Give long term solutions 
    Improve fitness + performance
    Empower good heath
  • Be a part of your journey

Physiotherapy Services