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Whiplash is an injury which results from sudden acceleration-deceleration forces. Common causes for whiplash include motor vehicle accidents, buggy jumping and sport-related collision.

Symptoms may include:

– Neck pain or stiffness

– Headaches

– Shoulder pain or upper back pain

– Dizziness

– Visual disturbances

– Hearing difficulties

– Difficult speaking, swallowing or concentrating

These symptoms can occur anywhere from immediately after the injury to several days later.

Upon individual assessment, our physiotherapists will create a treatment plan focused on your primary concerns. Treatment for whiplash includes guidelines for return to exercise and every day activities, range of motion techniques and exercises, strength exercises and postural endurance treatment. 

The benefits of physiotherapy for whiplash include:

– Reduced neck pain, headaches and inflammation

– Increased joint range of motion 

– Increased strength of neck muscles 

– Improved posture 

– Increased muscle length 

– Improved neural tissue extensibility 

– Improved coping mechanisms regarding normal day-to-day activities as well as returning to exercise 

– Minimised chance for future neck pain or disability