West Coast Health

Sports Physiotherapy


Our expert Physiotherapists are all at the forefront of sports physiotherapy in Perth. We have worked with many different sporting codes and teams including the west coast eagles AFL, WAFL, and AFLW team,  the Australian Hockey Team, PSA school sports, SBL basketball,  WANL netball, Amateur football, Footy West soccer, the Vic park swimming club and many other levels of sport and activity.  

Whether you are a sports nut or weekend warrior we are here to help you return towhat you love.

Our Physiotherapists will all listen to your story and make an individualized plan to suit your goals and time frames and of course time limitations. We often work hand in hand with your own personal trainers passing on vital info to them so we can all work as a team sorting out your plan.  

Why see a Sports Physiotherapist?

-Experienced with sports injuries and understand the best process to speed your recovery 

-Provide and very thorough and detailed assessment which will be the key to your excellent recovery plan.

-Use updated research and cutting edge evidence to provide the most advanced

rehab protocols.

-To have quicker referral into an orthopaedic surgeon for scans or surgery if required.  

-For a second opinion on complex longer term injuries that haven’t improved over time.

Services Offered

  • The latest post-operative rehab programs for:

ACL surgery

Meniscus Surgery

Shoulder rotator cuff or stabilisation repairs

Achilles and patella tendon repairs

Hip labral repairs or impingement surgery

Ankle reconstructions

  • Return to sport testing

Full or modified testing plans

Biodex, Force plates, agility and strength testing, balance testing  

Screening for sports  

Prevention and planning, get a full understanding of your limitations and where you can make changes to help yourself be fitter and stronger.

  • Concussion testing and management planning

We offer baseline concussion testing, concussion management and testing with our expert and qualified Physiotherapist, Phoebe Freeman.

  • Communication

We have strong links with sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches,

nutritionists, sports doctors and surgeons for all or injury recovery and high performance.

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training & fully equipped gym

Help set up your rehab / fitness / strength program with excellent technique. We will     then communicate with your personal trainer or local physio to provide expert advice for ongoing training.

  • Latest technology in Sports Injury Treatment

We have access to the most advanced testing & performance technology to ensure you are at your peak with training and return to your chosen sport or activity.