West Coast Health



Chris Perkin

Director of West Coast Health and High Performance | Physiotherapist at West Coast Eagles Football Club – AFL (Part Time)

Being involved with various sporting teams, Chris has over 20 years of experience working at the highest clinical level of the Physiotherapy industry, providing expert opinion to various National, State and Amateur athletes. Chris has advanced expert training with chronic, complex and generalised spinal pain conditions working as Director of Body Logic Physio with Dr Peter O’Sullivan, using the latest evidence and approaches to obtain the best outcome for the patient. Chris has recently expanded his capacity and established a state-of-the-art facility in Lathlain (Mineral Resources Park) promoting a flagship premises open to all.Specialist Physiotherapist Reviews are designed for several purposes:

  • To provide a clear diagnosis and plan for recovery and return to work / sport or function
  • Second opinion for chronic cases that haven’t progressed appropriately within evidence-based expectations
  • Provide expert opinion on surgical vs non-surgical management for clients unsure of which pathway to undertake. Chris works closely with many Orthopaedic surgeons making it easier to communicate with all parties regarding management planning and prognosis expectations
  • Identification of client barriers to successful recovery and rehabilitation, assisting in motivational and empowering strategies

Chris is well versed in the Workers Compensation system based in Western Australia and is happy to provide opinion to insurance companies, employers, injured workers and all treating parties. Chris encourages other health professionals to sit in on the review to assist ongoing collaborative management.