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Pre and post op


The success of your recovery from surgery is not just dependent on the surgery alone, but also on your pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

A structured and prescribed exercise program helps to restore range of movement, decrease pain, improve muscle strength and mobility, and get you back doing the things you love more quickly.


The pre-operative stage is the time before you undergo your surgery which includes education about your procedure and strength and mobility exercises to complete pre and post surgery. The goal is to ensure you are well equipped both physically and mentally before surgery to enhance your post-operative recovery. 

There are a range of benefits that pre-operative education and exercises provide which include:

– Reducing stress related to your surgery

– Decreasing hospital length of stay

– Increase in post-operative function 

– Decrease in post-operative pain  


– Research strongly suggests that patients have greater post-operative outcomes when education and exercises are taught prior to surgery.  

– Post-operative rehab is an important aspect in decreasing hospital length of stay, increasing function and increasing range of movement. 

Our physiotherapists will provide a range of treatments techniques inclusive of joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques such as deep tissue release and massage to help guide your post-operative rehabilitation.