West Coast Health

Back pain


Back pain is a common condition that effects a high percentage of Australian adults. Although the prevalence is quite low in children it can occur in adolescents which can carry onto to adulthood.

Risk factors:

– Stress and tension

– Overweight 

– Poor sleep 

– Physical inactivity 


It’s very important to understand that back pain usually improves with the right treatment even if you have had it for many years. Physiotherapists at West Coast Health play a very important role in the treatment of back pain.

With the correct treatment and management plan acute or chronic back pain can be improved. After an individualised assessment our physiotherapists, in conjunction with you, will create a treatment plan based around your needs. 

Treatment techniques include hands on treatment to relax overactive muscles, education on how to effectively move your body to regain relaxed spinal movements, strength exercises and advice on return to physical activity.