Athlete Screening & Performance Testing


West Coast Health & High Performance Physio clinic is a state-of-the-art facility which is located in the heart of the West Coast Eagles Headquarters in Lathlain.  We are Perth’s leading experts in Sports Injury Management & Injury Prevention.  Our Director, Chris Perkin, Sports Specialist Physio, has worked with the West Coast Eagles for 17 years.

Our new clinic has teamed up with ECU and the West Coast Eagles, and as a result are offering top line physiological testing for athletes of all levels.Our unique link with the West Coast Eagles Football Club & ECU also allows us to provide assessments of body composition, bone morphology, dynamic strength testing, aerobic fitness, strength, power and balance.    

Team based

We are offering your club and your athletes the perfect Pre-Season opportunity! Let us individualise your athletes Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Programs (we can screen one-on-one or bring the whole team in for screening session). Sport specific Performance & Injury Screening available

Let us individualise your athletes Pre-season Strength & Conditioning Programs