West Coast Health

Sports Physiotherapy


Our specialised clinic and expert physiotherapist are at the forefront of sports physiotherapy in Perth. Our team has vast experience with many different sporting codes and teams. We have expertise in all phases of sporting injuries from acute diagnosis and triage to recovery and return to sport protocols all the way through to high performance management.

Physiotherapy gym

A pivotal role for sports physiotherapy is the prescription and planning of return to sports. This is done through

-Individualised and sport specific rehab plans

– Conditioning and running planning and progressions

– Strength and weight training programs specifically for sports


Some benefits of strength and conditioning programs include

– Reduced number of games missed through injury

– Reduced loss muscle mass during rehab

–  Increased power, speed and agility

Services offered include
–       First point of contact for acute injuries, with referrals for individual requirements.
–       Strong active rehabilitation focus, with a systematic guide to return to sport
–       Baseline physical and cognitive performance testing. This allows us to create prehabilitation programs to build a stronger more resilient athlete and return injured athletes to competition sooner.
–       Strong links with sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, sports doctors and surgeons for all bases or injury recovery and high performance.