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ACL Rehab


The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a major ligament in the knee that allows the knee to move in pivoting actions and landing activities whilst maintaining control and stability.  

An ACL injury is often caused by a non-contact event where the person is trying to change direction at speed or lands in an undesired position. When the ligament is injured it is often associated with a “pop” noise, a feeling of instability as well as potential immediate swelling.  

Physiotherapy has proven to be very effective in both the prevention and rehabilitation of ACL injuries whether or not surgery has been performed. 

Our Physiotherapists will help to diagnose an ACL injury and then provide an individualised rehabilitation programmed based around your needs. 

Rehabilitation will focus on strength, agility and landing techniques, change of direction and function. If surgery is undertaken recovery time frames are usually around 10-12 months and the recovery time frame for non-surgery approach is between 3-6 months.