West Coast Health


What you will get with our telehealth physio service

Telehealth at West Coast Health allows our team to deliver the same excellent level of service you’ll receive in the clinic.  We use the zoom platform and make the experience a very smooth and simple process for you. The steps of what we do are listed below:

  • Once you have booked a session with our physiotherapist
  • We send a zoom invite via email
  • You can open up on a laptop or computer with webcam from your email
  • Or if using a phone download the free zoom app
  • We run through a detailed discussion about your problem and concerns
  • We assess the way you move depending on the issue
  • We develop a clear diagnosis and the treatment plan to help mange your problem
  • The treatment may involve some exercises, modification of your daily activities and some self treatment advice

We will email you the plan and exercises and are always available between sessions with a quick phone call or email

Our Prices

Initial Telehealth Physio session
$75 – 30 mins

Follow up Telehealth Physio session
$75 – 30 mins
$50 – 20 mins

The Benefits of Telehealth

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Economical  – discounted form normal in room sessions
  • Private / Confidential

What can it help with

  • Pain reduction
  • Back, neck, spinal pain
  • Arthritis advice
  • Hip, knee and ankle issues
  • Balance training
  • Home exercises
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post operative rehab / physio planning
  • All aches and pains
  • Setting pre-season fitness and strength programs