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ECU Health and High Performance

The ECU Health and High Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art sports facility which features top line physiological testing equipment. Aligned with the West Coast Eagles Football Club and West Coast Health, the Health and High Performance Centre will provide assessments of body composition, bone morphology, dynamic strength testing, aerobic fitness, strength, power and balance to elite and sub-elite athletes as well as the general public.

Body composition

Body composition will be assessed through dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) which is the gold-standard for assessing segmental and whole body soft and hard-tissue. It provides in-depth information about fat mass, muscle mass, bone mineral content and bone mineral density.

Scans only take 5 minutes!

Bone morphology

Bone morphology which is the structure, form and composition of bone will be assessed through peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT). pQCT provides an accurate, 3-dimensional assessment of bone structure, geometry and density of the appendicular skeleton (arms and legs). It also provides an insight into bone strength and fracture risk at specific bone sites.

Dynamic strength testing

Dynamic strength testing will be performed using Biodex. Biodex is an isokinetic strength testing machine which measures muscle strength by applying constant resistance against muscle in repetitive motions quickly and as powerful as possible. The Biodex provides great insight regarding strength deficits and muscle imbalances/asymmetries that may predispose an area to further injury.

Aerobic fitness

Aerobic fitness will be assessed through VO2 max testing. The VO2 max test will assess your body’s ability to consume, transport and use oxygen and how much work your body can produce aerobically. It is assessed through an incremental exercise test on a treadmill where the intensity of exercise increases every minute until exhaustion and is the most accurate test for measuring aerobic fitness. Lactate and electrocardiography (ECG) testing can also be performed during the test to examine your lactate inflection point and heart activity respectively.

Reactive strength and power testing

Reactive strength and power testing will be assessed using C-Force performance platforms. These platforms measure ground reaction forces produced by standing, jumping or dynamically moving to quantify balance, gait, imbalances/asymmetries, power and reactive strength.


Balance, dizziness and falls risk testing can be performed using the Neurocom Smart Balance Master. The Neurocom provides objective assessment of balance with regards to sensory and voluntary motor control. Testing is performed on a variable surface which can be stable or unstable in combination with a constant or dynamic visual environment.

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