At West Coast Health we know that exercise rehabilitation is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent pain. Exercise needs to be personalised to your individual needs and goals in order to reduce pain, as well as help get you back to doing the things in life that you love.

What to expect

Our clinic features a large fully-equipped gym, including cardio, pilates, and strength and conditioning equipment. Our physiotherapists are skilled in prescribing specifically tailored exercise programs to help with reducing pain, increasing flexibility, optimising movement patterns, building strength, and improving function or performance.

Our ‘Exercise Rehabilitation’ classes are small groups (up to 4 people), run for 60 minutes, and are with Lara Mitchinson, who is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Physiotherapist for the West Coast Eagles WAFL team.

Before joining the classes, we require you to have an assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

with Lara Mitchinson